A place where creativity and community come together, where art is not just seen but experienced.

Step into my vibrant world and discover how engagement with visual art and fostering emotional well-being can be revolutionized through creative interaction.


Live Painting Studio


Behind The Idea

Aga Szot Art Studio is an idea to create an art installation, which is at the same time an art studio where I can work on a regular basis and allow people to watch me painting, a place where people can see an artist's work environment, where they can see a work developing andcomin g into being in front of them. It is a special experience, watching artists at work, witnessing the process of creation.

Just as with a traffic accident, people are drawn by curiosity to slow down, to watch, to somehow feel part of the process. People stop and stay and become part of what is going on together with the artist at work.

In relation to the aesthetic experience, Kurt Vonnegut said, “We aretrapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” What he means here is that in such moments the questioning mind ceases, the rational process is suspended and there is only experience - an insightful andexpansive experience. 

Watching an artist at work can, for both artist and audience can fixate us in ‘the amber of the moment’ and can offer a unique encounter, much more than a mere visual sight - an insightful experience.